The World’s Greatest Marketing Seminar

October was a crazy busy month. Even so, I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything on Rabbit Rouser Online in a MONTH! I offer no excuses, but would like to share with you what I’ve been doing that kept me from writing.Mid month, I attended the “World’s Greatest Marketing Seminar” in Los Angeles. What a fabulous and very intense 5-day learning experience! Teachers included seminar host T. Harv Eker, Alex Mandossian, Bob Burg, Chet Holmes, Jay Abraham, Joel Roberts, Rick Frishman and more. My head is still spinning from all the ideas I intend to put into action in the coming weeks. Create a formal referral system! Develop a frequent buyer program! Find appropriate joint venture partners! Implement a consistent online marketing program!Stay tuned for more details as each of these tasks gets into process. And if you have experiences in doing any of these things and want to share your stories, please, let me know. I want to hear. Furthermore, if you have a list that you think would benefit from the Zen Rabbit Appreciation Marketing approach, definitely contact me and let’s talk joint venture.

2 Responses to “The World’s Greatest Marketing Seminar”

  1. Suzanne Letourneau Says:

    Hello Lori,
    I was there too and I can say that I still have a lot’s way to go but I am totally focused. You can check my website, but I need to re-strategize and perhaps have more then one web site. I am working on Lnading pages, and squeeze pages right now.
    Audio and Videoa is very easy for me.
    I have also started a Blog. If interested I will send you the link.
    WOuld be great to stay in touch and perhaps share what we are learning.
    All the best

  2. Roger Loh Says:

    Hi Lori,

    Glad that you benefited this awesome event…

    I attended a ‘double’ potion of that here in Singapore in June 2008 known as the Guerilla Business Intensive comprising the Guerilla Business School and World’s Greatest Marketing Seminar!

    Read about it on my Internet marketing seminar blog…

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