What You Can Learn from Beyonce

Watching the American Music Awards last night got me thinking about how musical artists market to their “clients.” Everyone has clients, although you may not think of them as clients, they are. The artists’ clients are, of course their fans; when they win, they always thank the fans. But the artists also have to market to radio stations and any other channels that broadcast their music. And the channels that distribute their CDs are important to their success too – places like Walmart, Target and Amazon.In order to sell their music, the artists have to consistently market to their clients along with the other people who make them successful. Notice that the truly successful, popular musical artists are always coming out with new music, collaborating with other artists, showing up here, there and everywhere. They understand that if they’re not constantly in front of their customers, their customers will forget about them and move on to someone else. It’s exactly the same for your business.

Take a quick look at HOW musical artists stay in front of their customers. Awards shows like the American Music Awards or the Grammy Awards are one tool. Radio station interviews and co-hosting count down shows are others, as are print media interviews and photo shoots. These methods give fans a chance to “get to know” the artist and relate on a more personal level. (Oh, she likes surfing and Chinese food just like me!) You can accomplish the same goal with newsletters or blogs that share your and your company’s personality.

Now think for a second about artists you haven’t heard from in a while. Shania Twain comes to mind. She is at the top of the list of top-selling female recording artists and hasn’t released an album in several years. Some people might start wondering where she is. And in the meantime, they’re finding other artists to fill their listening needs. Others have forgotten about her altogether.

Don’t let that happen to your business. Stay in front of your clients so they can’t forget about you and when they need what you have, you are top of mind.

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