How Well Are You Managing Your Contacts?

In this week’s issue of his free ezine called “Sales Caffeine,” Jeffrey Gitomer talks about contact management software. He believes “every salesperson needs some form of contact control and sales organization.” However, he wonders if the people who make the software, use the software because so many sales people don’t use it, claiming it’s cumbersome, too complicated, doesn’t serve their needs, etc.

He doesn’t slam or advocate any particular software and I won’t either. Everyone has different needs and the key is finding the right database or contact management software that works for your business. But it is essential to your business’ success that you have some way to keep track of information about your clients, referral sources and probable clients (formally referred to as prospects).

Keeping a database of this info allows you to consistently communicate with them and allows them the opportunity to send you more business. I was talking with a health professional last week who was telling me about interesting developments in her industry. She had already told me she does not have her patient information compiled into one complete database. So I pointed out to her that she is depriving her patients of important information, that she may be the only one to provide, because she doesn’t have a client database. Without the client or patient database, she’s unable to reach out and generate MORE business from them. WITH that database, the task would be super easy.What about you? What business are you missing out on by not communicating with your database?

One Response to “How Well Are You Managing Your Contacts?”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    I totally agree with you. My contact management solution is like my bible, my roadmap to life that keeps me in front of opportunities at all times. Consistent communication is key. Whether you are trying to convert leads into a clients or nurturing you current client base, it’s all about building and maintaining relationships. Relationships are built on trust and trust grows out of consistency.

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