The Best Laid (Marketing) Plans

Hello, I know it’s the middle of June. So what if I’m just getting around to writing my marketing plan now. Hey, some businesses don’t ever write one. Actually, between April and June is the best time for me to put together Zen Rabbit’s marketing plan because the end of the year will never work for this business.

Despite my continual attempts to dissuade people from sending gifts to clients and referral sources in December – because they just get lost in the deluge and no one remembers who sent what – December and November continue to be Zen Rabbit’s busiest months. Instead of beating myself up for not fitting in the creation of a marketing plan for that time of year, I decided to do it in the spring.

I’m particularly excited about some of the new elements I’m including this year. And I’m thinking if I mention them here, then you can help hold me to actually implementing them. So here’s a bit of a preview:

Look for a couple of video posts here each month. As much as I love broadcasting, I’m surprised at myself for not doing more before now.

It’s been a couple of years, but I’m re-establishing a monthly ezine. Expect something completely different this time.

We’ll also be creating special Facebook Fan promotions (maybe something having to do with National Milk Chocolate Day next month). Go to our Facebook “fan page” (yes, I know they’re not called fan pages anymore, but how else do you really refer to them?) and click LIKE to get in on those.

Oh, and if you have a blog you need a guest writer for or an audience that could benefit from hearing ideas on how to better serve their customers, let’s get that on the schedule too.   Um, just as soon as I can get to the calendar.

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