Gifts for Administrative Professionals

If your desk doesn't look like this, perhaps your Administrative Professional deserves some thanks!

Every year, the fourth week of April is designated as Administrative Professionals’ Week and this year April 25th specifically is Administrative Professionals’ Day. So who is it in your business who takes care of all the stuff you don’t have time for? You know, the organizing of files (so your office doesn’t look like this), booking flights, scheduling appointments, handling all the details so nothing falls through the cracks and you get to do what you’re so good at.

I guarantee your Admin knows all about this day and if you don’t acknowledge, well, let’s just say you may want to handle your own travel plans next trip, lest you be put on a schedule with 3 connecting flights and tight connection times. Ha Ha!

You may be tempted to wait to the last minute and then pick up a box of chocolates. Oh, but wait. I said Administrative Professionals’ Day, not Valentine’s Day! Don’t go there.

A nice lunch out? Sure, that could work

  1. If you work in the same office. Many people have virtual assistants or don’t work in the same geographic location. And
  2. If your admin considers lunch with the boss a delightful treat.

If you really want to send the right message, a message of appreciation and gratitude for what she or he does for you day in and day out, here’s a better Administrative Professionals Day gift idea. Gratitude Cookies from Zen Rabbit. Or maybe Gratitude Cookies and Zen Crunch, together – they do make a nice combo package.

Money Trees bring good luck & prosperity to those who keep them in their offices

Or perhaps a very cool Money Tree?

Since taking care of a gift for your Administrative Professional is NOT something you can delegate to your Administrative Professional (please!), you need to take action NOW while it’s fresh in your mind. April 25th is approaching faster than you think and you do NOT want to be caught short.

Check out the gift packages at and get free shipping on orders placed by April 18, 2012.

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