Super Bowl Advertisers Should Be Ashamed

Speaking of the Super Bowl, every year there is discussion around the commercials. Some people care at all about the game and watch just for the ads. I’m thinking those people have been disappointed this year. I certainly am. I kept waiting and hoping a really good commercial was coming up next. But it never aired. What did air has to be the WORST bunch of crap that’s ever run all in one evening.

Not only am I fairly certain those spots didn’t generate interest in buying the product or service (which is presumably why a company would advertise in the first place), they weren’t even interesting! Watching Justin Timberlake take all that abuse in the Pepsi ad was amusing because finally he’s getting what he deserves. Beyond that, snooze city.

The “experts” top five picks are a complete waste of $13.5 million and think of how much more money was squandered by the advertisers in the rest of the spots. If you’re looking for new clients, for my budget and yours, creativity and target/niche marketing is the smarter way to go.