Gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week, and while we might want to celebrate these brave and admirable souls for more than just one week a year, let’s start with this. I’ve written before about finding memorable gifts for teachers here.

If you’re a parent who wants to find the perfect gift for your children’s teachers, think about what teachers might cherish most. What teachers want is probably what you would appreciate as well. Maybe some peace and quiet, a few minutes of alone time.

If you’re not up for spending enough for a spa visit, give the teachers you appreciate a few pause and savor moments with a memorable gift of a Gratitude Cookie package from Zen Rabbit. School teachers, music teachers, karate teachers, can all enjoy your expression of thanks.

One idea is the Signature Box, which holds 20 Gratitude Cookies™ paired with a jar of chocolate sauce.  Or the ever-popular Cookies & Crunch, which includes a dozen cookies and a bag of the amazingly addictive granola/nut brittle-like Zen Crunch. Or an Afternoon Indulgence combination of cookies and tea.

Whatever you do, make sure to acknowledge the great job performed by the important educators in your life.

Gift Ideas for Teachers

Finding memorable gifts for teachers can be a struggle for parents. Of course you want to find something different, distinctive and appropriate, within a reasonable budget. Oh, and if it could be a gift that the teacher would genuinely appreciate, that would be perfect!

Forget handmade crafts or the ugly scarf. The Gratitude Cookie™ is the perfect present for teachers. Think about it. The reason these cookies are so named is because when you give them, you’re showing appreciation for the person you’re presenting them to. Plus, we encourage the person eating them to think about something they’re grateful for too, so the chain of gratitude expands.

Spare yourself the time and stress of searching for gifts for piano teachers, dance teachers, soccer coaches and scout leaders. Show your appreciation for everything these educators do for your kids.

One idea is the Signature Box, which holds 20 Gratitude Cookies™. The card that goes in the front of the box can be customized, perhaps with a picture of your child, and whatever message you’d like to include. At $25.00 a box, it makes a great impression and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

The Gold Seal Gratitude Box is another great gift package for teachers. A dozen all-natural butter-sugar cookies, this box says a lot for $12.95, making it a fantastic choice for when you have a bunch of people to buy for. In fact, this particular package is available in cases of 12, so you can keep a few boxes on hand for last minute gifts.

And for just a little token of appreciation, the Pillow Packs are perfect for making a notable impact. Four yummy cookies give your teacher a few minutes of zen-blissful time.

As the season for giving teacher gifts approaches, it can be to find unforgettable gifts that you and your child are excited to give.