Big Girl Trade Show

A big change is brewing at Zen Rabbit and I’m eager to tell you about it. BUT, I will restrain myself until the whole concept is created, so I can share it with you in full. One component that I can tell you about is that Zen Rabbit will be exhibiting at the Great American Dessert Experience in Atlanta, April 7-8. This show is not open to the public. However, I do have some admission tickets to give a way at my discretion. So if you are in the Atlanta area or will be those two days and you want to get in and eat, let me know and I can hook you up.

One hint for you about the big announcement, at this show, Zen Rabbit will publicly unveil it’s brand new retail packaging.

Beware of How you Treat Small Companies

Debbi Fields wrote a book several years ago about her journey through the start up and development of Mrs. Fields Cookies. In it she recalls her challenges in finding a chocolate supplier. The sales rep of one large, well known chocolate company doesn’t want to give her the time of day when she calls him to ask for 25 pounds of chocolate because the order size is too small. He tells her to give him a call when she wants to buy 10,000 pounds.

So she opens the phone book and calls another company. That sales rep tells her the order is too small for his company’s trucks to deliver, but he could put it in the trunk of his car and bring it right over. And at the time she was writing this story, that sales rep Bob, was selling Mrs. Fields in excess of 25 million pounds of chocolate a year. She never reveals the name of either company. But she does finish the story by saying that the first gentleman would end up calling her continuously to ask for her business and she refused to work with him because of how he treated her that day.

There are many days when I think of this story because of the business people who disregard me, and I’m sure lots of others, with the thought that my business is too small to matter. This month I’m working on finding retail packaging for gourmet food stores. There is a list of who has been supportive and who has not. And when Zen Rabbit is the multi-million dollar company that it is destined to be, we’ll see who’s benefiting from believing in a small company.

Zen Rabbit Really IS A Cookie Company!

Okay, Okay! I know. It’s been several weeks since a posting. Now we’re in the new year and I’ve turned over another new leaf. Look for more frequent postings here at Rabbit Rouser Online.

I had a revelation last week that is probably not so shocking to the rest of the world. As it turns out, Zen Rabbit actually IS a cookie company. Yes, Zen Rabbit still is a marketing company, as I’ve always claimed. But what Zen Rabbit is actually marketing is cookies. Yes, the cookies are still a tool for businesses to say thank you to their clients and referral sources. But what I learned this past holiday season is that you, the clients and recipients of Zen Rabbit, really just want the cookies. You appreciate the nice packaging, but in the paraphrased and twisted words of the Kinks holiday song, “Father Christmas, give us the cookies!”

And so in 2008, Zen Rabbit moves into the world of gourmet food stores. I’ve got packaging ideas to test and retail stores from Whole Foods to Fresh Market to Sutton Place Gourmet to contact. In what store would you like to see Zen Rabbit cookies? Let me know.