The Grammy’s or the Granny’s?

Once again the media is making your job of standing out, being distinctive and impressing your clients easier. I watched the Grammy’s last night and was totally unimpressed. Earlier in the day, I had said how much I was looking forward to watching the 50th anniversary show of the original music awards. I even said that it was one of my goals to one day attend a Grammy Awards show because I love music so much.

Midway through the show my husband had abandoned the couch because he was bored. I stuck it out, ever the optimist, hoping it would get better. THAT was the 50th anniversary show? What a mess! This is an industry of flash and celebration and excess. Where was that kind of spectacular exhibition? I fear the Grammy’s are now more the Granny’s, as in plain as granny panties.

The good news is that people’s standards of excellence are slowly being pulled lower and lower. So as a business person who wants to stand out in the crowd, you need only make a slightly greater impression than your competition. You no longer need to try that hard, just make some kind of effort. And then imagine if you were really creative, what kind of fantastic experience would that create for your clients?