Thank You Chet Holmes

One of my marketing world colleagues posted the news this morning on Facebook that marketing, sales and business teacher Chet Holmes had passed away from leukemia. Although he was still relatively young, Chet accomplished and shared so much in his years. Even if you never met him but heard him speak or read his book “The Ultimate Sales Machine,” you benefited.

My first thought upon hearing of his death was of the great story he told about his desire and drive to partner with Jay Abraham. Using what he referred to as “pigheaded determination,” Chet called or sent Jay a letter every other week for two years! Jay would continually turn him down and turn him down and turn him down. Chet was not deterred. After two years, Jay finally agreed to have lunch with Chet and that meeting eventually turned into more than $15 million. Talk about persistence. THAT is what builds a successful business.

The Ultimate Sales MachineIf you’ve not yet read “The Ultimate Sales Machine,” I highly recommend it. In fact, I am going to pick up my copy once again and see what new ideas I can pull and implement. As I write this post, I am inspired to create a revised Dream 100 effort (or maybe start with a Dream 25) and actually implement it this time. What is a Dream 100 effort you ask? It is “a program for targeting your 100 dream clients constantly and relentlessly until they buy… The goal is to take your ideal buyers from “I’ve never heard of this company” all the way through to “yes I do business with that company.”

Seems so easy and brilliant, yet I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who has and follows such a plan. It’s all about persistence and that pigheaded discipline. Add in some creative outreach – the part I really love – and you can be golden. (Let me know if you need help with the creativity, I’d love to strategize with you.)

The book if chock full of valuable and potentially profitable information, presented in an easily digestible format. If you don’t have a copy, seriously, go get one today and read it (with highlighter in hand) before the end of summer. If you implement one strategy in the next 30 days, I guarantee your business will be in a far different place by the holidays.

Speaking of digestible, now I’m also remembering an interview Bill Glazer did with Chet in which Chet analyzed the customer service experience in a restaurant he frequented near his home. He had a gift for breaking down all kinds of situations into opportunities to learn.

Chet closes the acknowledgments section of “The Ultimate Sales Machine” with a quote from Stephen M. Ryder, which seems most appropriate here. “Wherever you are, if you think of me and smile – at that very moment – wherever I am, I’ll be smiling too.”