Black Friday Insanity

It’s Black Friday 2010 and I can’t help but be a little, hmm, what’s the word? Surprised? Amazed? Incredulous? Seriously, there’s still THIS much hoopla around this day devoted to shopping – for a bunch of non-essential stuff?

I’m a girl, so I totally get the love of shopping thing, but Black Friday takes it to a whole different level. Please tell me the people lining up at noon on Thanksgiving at the big box electronics store really need another 40” TV. I have a very hard time believing anyone buying anything today needs these items. Nor do I think anyone they might be buying them for needs them either.

It drives me crazy to hear people blaming “this economy” as the excuse for everything. In my opinion, it’s been a good scapegoat for people’s laziness and lack of initiative. BUT, if the citizen’s of the U.S. actually believe that the world is going to hell in a hand basket and money is in short supply, how do they justify their insane spending on Black Friday? That at least they’re “saving” money at these wildly marked down sales? And that the stores can afford to sell at 70% off – well there’s a whole other topic I’ll leave alone for now.

Here’s an idea. If you say you don’t have enough money to make ends meet, stay out of the stores. It doesn’t matter how good a “deal” it is. Tone it down a notch. Maybe you could make the holidays about heartfelt gestures and spending quality time together creating memorable experiences this year.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go get the new Katy Perry, Bon Jovi and Keith Urban CDs that are on sale for (only!) $6.99.

Resources for Work at Home Moms

My friend and colleague Sandy Fowler, of ReclaimU, knows what it’s like to be wife, mom and business owner who works from home. She says, it can be fun and it can be challenging. So to make it all a bit easier, she put together a collection of tools specifically for Work at Home Moms to help them:

  • Get some fabulous information
  • Discover some great experts to rely on
  • Save some time and some dough
  • Learn something amazing

She asked me to contribute, so among the incredible tools you’ll find there, is a special report called, “Building Rock-Solid Relationships With Your Clients That Yield More Business & Increase Your Income.”

It’s all completely FREE. To get your goodies, just go to

Makes a Nice Thank You Gift

Have you seen the “news” story about the restaurant in New York that’s offering a $25,000 dessert? The dessert is a combination of cocoas from 14 countries, milk and 5 grams of 24-carat gold topped with whip cream and shavings from a La Madeline au Truffle. (and no, I don’t know what that is either.) The whole thing is served in a goblet with a band of gold decorated with 1 carat of diamonds and comes with a golden spoon diners can take home.Hmmm. What do you think of using those chocolates and sandwiching them between two Zen Rabbit cookies and then dipping it all in 24-carat gold? We can sprinkle diamond chips on it. No wait, that wouldn’t be good for the digestive system.Okay, we can serve it on a platinum plate encrusted with diamonds along with a matching teacup filled with the world’s most expensive tea. According to the Guiness Book of Records, that would be a rare Chinese green tea called Tieguanyin, which costs about $3,000 per kilo (2 lb 3 oz) or more than $85 per ounce.

I’d be nice and let the client keep the plate and teacup. Wouldn’t that make a nice customer or client appreciation gift?! Any suggestions on sale price?