Feminine & Masculine Energies

I was involved in a conversation on Friday about feminine and masculine energy. We were specifically discussing how relationships are affected when women have or portray “too much” masculine energy. I’ve been thinking about this all weekend.
Quick note, everyone, whether man or woman, has feminine (receptive, intuitive, inward, sensitive, delicate, emotional, nurturing) – also known as yin – and masculine (outward, hard, firm, logical, strong, rational, rough, loud) – also known as yang – energies.

My conversational partner was making the argument that when women have dominant masculine energy, they tend to have problems in their relationships with men because their masculine energy forces their partners to portray more feminine energy and the natural balance is disrupted. If women are wearing the “man pants,” their men can’t also fit into the same pants and that’s when relationship troubles arise. The man is made to feel “not a man.”

My friend said that women’s feminine energy is just as, if not more, powerful as the masculine energy. But a lot of women think that they have to use their masculine energy to be successful.

This theory is not at all something I would have ever before considered relevant, valid, with any merit. However, like I said, I’ve been thinking about it all weekend. And guess what. I’m starting to think there actually might be something to it. (where is the REAL Lori and when is she coming back?!)

I was thinking about all the people I know who are in what appear to be strong, loving partnerships. All of those relationships fit the model of females with strong feminine energy and males with strong masculine energy.

Now think about this comparison, which my friend brought up in our discussion. First, though, I have to ask you to put aside your political biases. This is NOT a political discussion, just an unscientific study in contrasts. (And for the record, I’m not a huge fan of either woman here.)

Look at Hillary Clinton. She primarily exudes masculine energy. This has nothing to do with her looks. It has to do with energy. Lots of women in Washington D.C. are like Hillary. I know, I lived there for a long time. Then look at Sarah Palin – more feminine energy. You have to ask if the contrast in energies affects how people initially react to them. (Again, take a few moments to think about this and don’t let their knowledge, experience or political affiliation cloud your evaluation.)

SO, I’m still undecided about powerful, successful women using their feminine energy to become what they are in the world of business and politics. Who comes to mind as a good example of this? Princess Diana maybe? Post your comments and share with me please!