Gifts For Dads Who Have Everything

My DadFather’s Day is approaching and every year my clients and friends lament they don’t know what to get for Dear Old Dad. We all want to find a memorable gift for Dad, something he’ll be excited to tell his buddies about. I know in my own case, anything my dad wants throughout the year, he’ll just go buy for himself. And he doesn’t really have any hobbies like golf or tennis or fishing that need equipment or supplies. It can be quite frustrating.

If he’s local, you can always take him out for brunch or make a nice dinner. If not, you have to come up with another idea. One year my brother and I gave Dad a personal chef, who would make 10 dinners and put them in the freezer for him to enjoy later. We’ve given theater tickets, and movie tickets would be a good idea too, if your dad likes movies. Restaurant gift certificates and other “experience” type gifts mean he doesn’t have to find a place to store your gift.

Oh, and I think this was the best idea ever, before everything became digital, we made a poster sized collage out of a bunch of pictures from our childhood, took a picture of that and framed it. Many years later it still hangs in his home office.

Of course my dad is a fan of The Gratitude Cookies as well as the Zen Crunch and he never tires of getting that as a gift. It is a unique gift idea that allows you to show appreciation for all that your father’s done for you. You don’t have to worry about getting the right size, color, brand, etc. Plus you can have it delivered right to his door with your personalized message, whether he’s down the street or across the country.

Need specific ideas? I suggest the Cookies & Crunch package, which gives Dad both treats of Gratitude Cookies and Zen Crunch. Or the Ultimate Appreciation, which is a whole bunch of different gourmet goodies, if you really want to make a statement of gratitude!

June 20th is coming up quickly and even if he’d never say it, Dad will certainly appreciate something more than a card or a phone call.