The Funniest April Fool’s Day Prank Ever

It’s April Fool’s Day. Typically, I don’t fall for or play pranks on anyone on this day. Yes, I realize I’ve just made myself a good target for some kind of incoming prank. Anyway, there was this one year that I couldn’t help myself.

Working at a marketing communications agency in Sacramento, we were a very creative bunch. When our creative director left the office for a few hours, I put one of those pink “while you were out” phone message notes on his desk. Anita Lyon called and I put a phone number.

He called the number and said, “Anita Lyon please.” I’m not sure if the person on the other end of the phone – at the Sacramento Zoo! – was amused; he might have gotten this call once or twice before. He did say, “um, I think someone is playing an April Fool’s joke on you sir.”

To this day, I cannot share this story without laughing to the point of tears. What is your best April Fool’s story?

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